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Manufacturers and distributors must respond quickly to customer demands and make intelligent, cost-effective decisions in order to remain competitive. SIL Inventory Management gives you more control over your inventory by providing greater accuracy and visibility to inventory information throughout the organization. It forms the core of the manufacturing, distribution and accounting facilities and is designed to integrate with all the major functions of the systems and to provide flexible reporting on inventory holdings. SIL Inventory Management provides easy access: the on-screen drill down, allows you to access inventory balances, open purchase orders, work orders, and open sales orders at any point in the inventory management process. You can quickly and easily find the quantity of any inventory item which is on-hand, allocated, back-ordered, or on order. Additionally, you can see a list of all customer and supplier orders and item information down to the serial, lot and bin level. Within Inventory Maintenance, you can define multiple user-defined item attributes. You can set up units of measure for stocking, purchasing and selling transactions. SIL Inventory Management provides the flexibility to cost inventory by warehouse, tracking inventory using average, standard cost, first in first out (FIFO), last in first out (LIFO), or actual costing by lot and serial.


  • Inventory storage and handling costs reductions of 10-35%
  • Increased throughput
  • Inventory visibility and accuracy near 100%
  • Optimized inventory
  • Credit reductions of 75-95%
  • Dock-to-stock time reductions


Constant Real-Time Inventory Control
  • Distributors and Wholesalers know exactly what's in the warehouse
  • Where it's located
  • When it needs to be replenished - all the time
Improved Customer Service
  • Increase accuracy and reduce customer service calls
  • Allow your customer service reps to track and trace orders
  • Check the status of orders in real-time online
Increased Productivity
  • Your company can maximize your existing workforce
  • Pick/Receive more lines in less time, without hiring additional staff
Seamless WMS ERP Integration
  • Fully compatible with your existing host business system
  • You can maintain the way you do business, without reinventing infrastructure, systems or procedures