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In the leather industries manual or semi-automated systems are incapable to process complex variables of information which are important for efficient and cost effective decision making process. Knowing that reality, Square InformatiX Limited has dedicated years of research with professionals who know deeply leather manufacturing process and techniques to develop an ERP named LeatherSIL. With LeatherSIL ERP you can easily analyze your cost information; which allows you to gain cost control and to be more profitable.

Modules & Reports


* Master Data
* Material Management System (MMS)
* Quality Control System (QCS)
* Finished Goods Store (FGS)
* Sales and Distribution


* Daily and periodical standard reports
* Summarized reports
* Productivity reports
* Daily stock, daily Rejections
* Stock valuation Analysis Report
* Productivity reports
* Daily stock, daily Rejections
* Management Review Meeting Reports


* Built in quality check module to monitor material and product quality
* Order delivery schedules, Actual Deliveries
* Actual Production
* Keep track of machine productivity
* Work in Process (WIP)
* Track different types of wastages caused by different processes
* User’s rights assigned to restrict access to important data
* Summarized Daily Production Report covering all departments