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Design and run any business process with point-and-click simplicity using SIL SPA Software Solution. Manage success with flexible approval processes for deal discounts, expenses, and more.


  • Sales Order Management System (SOM)
    • Sales Order Management (Android)
    • Web Service (DotNet)
    • SMS Management Service (DotNet)
  • Distribution / Depot Management System (DMS)
  • Management Information System (MIS)


MIS Functional Area
  • Bonus Program declaration
  • Trade program declaration (National/Zone/Area wise)
Between Factory and Distribution/ Depot
  • Requisition generated by distributor and send to Factory
  • View requisition by Factory
  • Product distribute by Factory
  • Invoice generate by Factory
  • Product distribute by Factory
  • Product receive by Distribution/ Depot
  • Product Return to Factory
  • Replacement sends to Distribution/ Depot
  • Payment sends by Distribution/ Depot
  • Money Collection by CHQ/Factory
Between Distribution/ Depot and Retailer
  • Data synchronization to SR’s Tab/ mobile (Product, Price, Customer etc.)
  • Order securing by SR [notify short & priority product]
  • Order sends to Distribution/ Depot
  • Order process by Distribution/ Depot
  • Invoice generation based on the following
  • Product receive by Distribution/ Depot
    • Bonus program
    • Trade program
  • Replacement collection by SR
  • Replacement delivery to retailer
  • Product returns to Distribution/ Depot


  • Distribution/ Depot wise unit Stock statement
  • Distribution/ Depot wise value stock statement
  • Route wise order statement
  • Route wise sales statement
  • Distribution/ Depot sales statement
  • Trade Program Statement
  • Area Wise IMS Comparison
  • Collection report
  • Distribution/ Depot Outstanding
  • Pipeline product
  • On-Transit Product
  • Replacement withdrawal statement
  • Target versus Achievement statement
  • Retailer list
  • SR activities monitoring
  • Price changing information list