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iSpark is an integrated application for the Plastic mould Industry. It can correlate the customers demand with their production and inventory. It does the automatic balancing of the work load on the lines within a work center to minimize the ideal time, reduce setup time, and utilization of equipment’s and operators efficiency without losing sight of your order deadlines. Control your supply chain costs and optimize the use of your production capacity. Effectively plan co- and by-products, and determine the least-cost formulation.

Modules & Reports


* Master Data
* Material Management System (MMS)
* Quality Control System (QCS)
* Finished Goods Store (FGS)
* Sales and Distribution


* Daily and periodical standard reports
* Summarized reports
* Productivity reports
* Daily stock, daily Rejections
* Stock valuation Analysis Report
* Productivity reports
* Daily stock, daily Rejections
* Management Review Meeting Reports


* Built in quality check module to monitor material and product quality
* Order delivery schedules, Actual Deliveries
* Actual Production
* Keep track of machine productivity
* Work in Process (WIP)
* Track different types of wastages caused by different processes
* User’s rights assigned to restrict access to important data
* Summarized Daily Production Report covering all departments