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Human Capital Management System (HCMS) is an advanced generic application that is designed to help companies in any industry to easily manage the difficult tasks of HR recordkeeping and government reporting. Extensive employee information is readily available which aids in protecting a company’s most valuable asset. It can be implemented as a stand-alone module or integrated with Abettor Payroll System & Attendance System. When integrated, the products utilize a master database which eliminates redundant data entry. Integrated Abettor also offers Employee Self- Service (ESS) and Applicant Tracking applications to fulfill an organization’s HCMS needs. Training Management System (TMS) is part of the management framework, enables you to accurately record and analyze employee training, skills and qualifications.


Features: HR Management
  • Records sickness, holiday, maternity leave, absence and training, in days, hours and minutes, for each employee
  • Pro-data holiday entitlement can be calculated and displayed within the employees diary
  • Retains personnel records and transactions, including job and salary changes
  • Dynamic Employee Leave Policy Setup and Allocation
  • Dynamic Employee Bonus Policy Setup and Allocation
  • Dynamic Employee Termination Policy Setup and Allocation
  • Training Management System (TMS)
  • Web based e-Recruitment System
Features: Payroll Management
  • Dynamic Loan Policy setup, Allocation and Adjustment of employees
  • Dynamic Bonus Policy setup, Allocation and Adjustment of employees
  • Dynamically different Allowance Allocation and Adjustment of employees
  • Monthly Salary Allocation of all employees or using departments with a single click
  • Dynamically Generates Pay Slip and Cash Slip of employees
  • Dynamically Location wise Salary and different Allowance payment of employees
  • Manages all aspects of payroll operations including payroll processing, salary statement, reimbursements, PF, income tax etc
Features: Attendance System
  • Clocking In System and Time Recording Options
  • Allows you to be in control
  • Effectively Monitor Employee Overtime
  • It Will Save Money & Improve Productivity
  • Sets up Any Number and Any Types of Shift
  • Manages and Reports on Employee Absence
  • Email Notifications
  • Integrated with SMS Push-Pull System


Reports - Human Capital Management System
  • Employee Skill Inventory Report
  • Employee Experience Summary Report
  • Employee Promotional History Report
  • Employee Transfer History
  • Employee Migration
  • Employee Search
  • Employee Turnover Ratio Information
  • Employees Allotted Equipment List Report
Reports: Payroll Management System
  • Automated Employee Salary
  • Allowance Sheet
  • Bank/Cheque /DD statement
  • Automated Pay Slip generation
  • Location and Department wise payment summary
  • Employees Salary Ledger
  • Loan Installment and Breakdown report
Reports: Attendance System
  • Shift Allocation Report
  • Leave Detail Report
  • Lateness, Early Out Report
  • Tour Report
Reports: Training Management System
  • Individual Training Schedule Report
  • Schedule Employee wise SOP Report
  • Training Record Report
  • Training Summary Report
  • Training Need Assessment Report
  • Training Raise Information Report
  • Training Initiative Report
  • SOP Review Report


  • Keeps up-to-date with real-time data of attendance, payroll legislation and HCMS processes
  • Streamlines all processes by a simple click and propagate to all integrated system like Payroll, Attendance and HCMS
  • Number of Reports on HR, Payroll & Attendance is ready to enhance the efficiency of your business
  • TMS can track the training record for each activity undertaken, can be identified against skills gaps
  • Waiting lists generated from training needs, and training allocated and associated against those needs
  • TMS Training budgets are a precious resource intended to be spent on enhancing the skills of your
  • All training related costs and expenses can be recorded against each training activity and monitored against cost centers, courses and delegates
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities will let you monitor where your training budget is being spent and help you identify where your training and skills gaps lie
  • Reduces difficulty in measuring manpower cost against productivity
  • One central database supports multiple installations