Mobile Application

Mobile Application

If you need any particular mobile application to accelerate the growth of your business, Square InformatiX is the one place to contact. With our most modern infrastructure and years of experience in dealing with Bangladesh’s best-known organisations, leading businesses and corporate IT departments, Square has the competitive advantage to design the best mobile applications that can surely meet your needs.

Square Informatix has a team of highly skilled professionals who are great in understanding your companies’ needs and necessities to design & build your mobile applications in respect to your specifications.

Square has already designed an application named ‘PAAI’, which is available for download in Google Play store. PAAI stands for Poultry, Animal and Aqua Index, which describes all possible diseases of fish and livestock with pictures and their treatments as well as all available medicines produced by Square Agrovat Division.

Square has also developed another mobile application named SPA (Sales Process Automation) which is being used by Square Toiletries & Square Food and Beverage. Using this application, sales representatives collect orders from small tea stalls to big groceries from all around the country using their respective mobile phones. The orders are stored automatically in a web-based central database system and invoices are processed on the queue of the orders and products are delivered to the market accordingly.

Square Informatix has also designed another mobile application for Square Pharmaceutical Ltd. It is currently on trial now and can be run on Lollypop and marshmallow versions of Android. This application processes sales orders for Square Pharmaceuticals.